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Marc Menowitz | Los Angeles, California | Technology

Marc Menowitz is an analytical leader who is dedicated to making meaningful improvements across the real estate industry. The CEO of ApartmentCorp, Marc leverages his years of experience to not only break barriers into new markets, but also serve as an asset to others who are interested in investing in real estate.  A graduate ofContinue reading “Marc Menowitz | Los Angeles, California | Technology”

Technology and Real Estate

We’ve seen a massive amount of technological change, beginning with the computer revolution. Just about every industry in the economy is being affected greatly. Real estate is no exception. Here are some of the ways proptech is changing the industry. Virtual property tours Some real estate agents are now displaying virtual property tours on theirContinue reading “Technology and Real Estate”

Emerging Tech Likely to Affect Commercial Real Estate

Technology is a sector that is constantly evolving. It is one of the areas of industry that largely impacts everything around it, even areas that you might not consider to be technology-driven. Commercial real estate is one such example.   Whether you are looking to invest in commercial property or to build on property that wasContinue reading “Emerging Tech Likely to Affect Commercial Real Estate”