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Marc Menowitz has spent the majority of his life learning the idiosyncrasies of the real estate industry. Similar to his father and grandfather before him, Marc is fascinated by the unparalleled level of opportunity working in real estate development affords. Not only is housing a constant demand and necessity, but it also affords an incredible amount of room for creativity, innovation, and expansion. Marc is specifically intrigued by the expansion and innovation elements of the industry, as he and his company, ApartmentCorp, intend to break into the affordable housing market shortly. Additionally, as a technology enthusiast, Marc is consistently seeking new ways of keeping ApartmentCorp one step ahead of their competitors.

To learn more about Marc Menowitz, his background, and current ventures, be sure to visit his website!

  • Refinancing a Loan

    March 20, 2020 by

    People usually have to get a loan at least once in their life. Whether it’s for school, a car or a house, you might need a loan to cover the costs until you make back the money. Luckily, you can look into refinancing if you want to make your debts easier to pay off, so… Read more

  • The Impact of Technology on Real Estate

    March 2, 2020 by

    As mobile technology, automation, artificial intelligence, and big data revolutionizes almost every business and industry, real estate is also looking at big benefits and challenges. Here are a few ways that the age of post-big data technology is changing real estate. Social Media Presentation for Agents Just as many businesses and marketers can’t do without… Read more

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