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Marc Menowitz | Los Angeles, California | Technology

Marc Menowitz is an analytical leader who is dedicated to making meaningful improvements across the real estate industry. The CEO of ApartmentCorp, Marc leverages his years of experience to not only break barriers into new markets, but also serve as an asset to others who are interested in investing in real estate. 

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Marc holds an MBA that nicely complements his passion for hands-on learning and action. Having been exposed to the innermost workings of real estate dealings for most of his life, Marc Menowitz understands the importance of remaining adaptable and amenable to change while expanding one’s technical knowledge of their craft. After all, if you do not keep up with the evolving nature of your work, regardless of industry, you will surely be left behind. 

Given his perspective on business, it should come as no surprise that Marc Menowitz is a staunch advocate for the intersection of technology and the real estate industry, especially as it relates to the development of commercial projects. Owning and operating over 5 million square feet of commercial projects through ApartmentCorp, Marc keeps his ear close to the ground in order to discover and implement emerging trends early on. As a result, ApartmentCorp is hailed as one of the most tech-savvy commercial real estate companies in the country.

Looking toward the future of the industry, it is Marc Menowitz’s personal goal to grow as an innovator and promote the partnership of technology and multi-family management — a feat that has yet to be achieved in real estate. 

Thus far, Marc has successfully implemented a proprietary mobile system to track and manage human resources issues, which, in turn, ensures each employee feels heard and valued by the company’s leaders. 

Additionally, Marc developed and administered a real-time water management sensor network across several multi-family projects. By doing so, ApartmentCorp is able to proactively control one of the biggest environmental concerns in their community: excessive water usage. Not only does this system reduce water costs by a significant amount, it also protects a precious resource from abuse and depletion. 

Alongside his passion for technology, Marc Menowitz is dedicated to giving back to his community. As a result, he and the ApartmentCorp team have expanded into the affordable housing market. Unlike other organizations, ApartmentCorp utilizes its extensive industry knowledge and trustworthy building techniques, alongside Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, to create comfortable homes for every tenant, regardless of their income levels.

To learn more about Marc Menowitz and his perspective on the intersection of technology and real estate, be sure to visit his blog page. 


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