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Marc Menowitz | Los Angeles, California | Technology

Marc Menowitz is an analytical leader who is dedicated to making meaningful improvements across the real estate industry. The CEO of ApartmentCorp, Marc leverages his years of experience to not only break barriers into new markets, but also serve as an asset to others who are interested in investing in real estate.  A graduate ofContinue reading “Marc Menowitz | Los Angeles, California | Technology”

2021 Is a Fine Time To Invest in REITs

Real estate investment trusts, often abbreviated as REITs, are a wonderful way for average people to get started as investors. REITs are traded on stock exchanges. They represent part ownership in a company that’s invested in real estate holdings. This instrument was created by an act of the US Congress in 1960. One of theContinue reading “2021 Is a Fine Time To Invest in REITs”

Technology and Real Estate

We’ve seen a massive amount of technological change, beginning with the computer revolution. Just about every industry in the economy is being affected greatly. Real estate is no exception. Here are some of the ways proptech is changing the industry. Virtual property tours Some real estate agents are now displaying virtual property tours on theirContinue reading “Technology and Real Estate”

Cost Basis for Real Estate Transactions

As with any investment, the cost basis of your real estate purchase is an important consideration when deciding whether or not to sell your home. Since the potential tax consequences could be critical, it is important to fully understand the implications of your cost basis. Initial Purchase Price A useful comparison for understanding real estateContinue reading “Cost Basis for Real Estate Transactions”

Investment Trusts

If you’re not familiar with real estate investment trusts (REITs), this may be something to learn more about before making an investing decision. While investing in real estate one property at a time can help you develop a steady income stream, the duties that go along with property management can cut into your profits. Alternatively,Continue reading “Investment Trusts”

Commercial Real Estate Rising

In the second quarter of this year, commercial real estate investments leveled off at $107.3 billion, but they took a sharp swing up to $149 billion in the third quarter. While that is an impressive climb, it becomes less inspiring when you take into account the fact that it’s still 44% lower than the 2019Continue reading “Commercial Real Estate Rising”

Making Money in Real Estate Development

New technology is most often used for entertainment, but, in time, various types of commercial businesses adapt these technologies for their use. Whether they use a specific technology to reach more consumers or to improve the services they provide, commercial businesses eventually adapt new innovations to suit their needs. The same is true of theContinue reading “Making Money in Real Estate Development”

Tips for Purchasing a High-Rise Insurance

Excellent security, a variety of amenities, concierge services and beautiful views are just a few of the perks that residents enjoy when they live in a high-rise. Protecting the building and its inhabitants with a good insurance policy is essential should a disaster strike. How High-Rise Insurance Works High-rises are typically made up of manyContinue reading “Tips for Purchasing a High-Rise Insurance”

Partnering with a Property Management Company

While a homeowner’s association helps improve the quality of life for the residents in that community, it can sometimes fall short of its ambitions. This rarely happens when they work alongside a property management company that has the resources and experience that makes the management of the community easier to handle. Here are a fewContinue reading “Partnering with a Property Management Company”

10 Commercial Real Estate Trends To Watch For in 2021

While COVID has certainly left its mark on 2020, there is still much to be hopeful for in the commercial real estate field. As we prepare for a new year, we should take a moment to consider the ways in which commercial real estate is already adapting to new challenges. Here are just a fewContinue reading “10 Commercial Real Estate Trends To Watch For in 2021”