How Will Real Estate Recover from Covid-19?

As one of the largest markets in the world, the real estate industry has been heavily influenced by the coronavirus pandemic. However, things might not be quite as bad as they seem. Unlike the hospitality industry, real estate has not shut down entirely. Since people need housing now more than ever, there is still hopeContinue reading “How Will Real Estate Recover from Covid-19?”

Managing Your Home Office for Commercial Real Estate

Working From Home and Commercial Real Estate If you’re not prepared for the worst, then adjusting to it is the best thing to do in a pandemic. 2020 is written in history as the era of COVID-19, and the vacant offices of commercial properties that it induced around the world is evidence of the lackContinue reading “Managing Your Home Office for Commercial Real Estate”

Sustainable Architecture: An Environmental Solution

In one sense, the Greeks and Romans built sustainable architecture since it has lasted throughout the ages. Today’s denotation of sustainable architecture differs. While it does give attention to a pleasing structure, the focus of the design of commercial or residential real estate is on the minimalization of any environmental damage. That is, sustainable architectureContinue reading “Sustainable Architecture: An Environmental Solution”

Joining an Investment Club within Real Estate

Joining a club makes sense if you need to build a strong network within real estate. Just be cautious about what role your membership club plays within the lives of its members like you. You might be surprised to find some clubs saying that they offer opportunities in real estate while they only offer “programs”Continue reading “Joining an Investment Club within Real Estate”

How to Find the Right Real Estate Program for You

Real estate can be a great career. It’s a good fit for people from all kinds of backgrounds. Task-oriented people with vision can make great real estate developers. People with great communication skills can be great at selling real estate. One of the keys to launching a great career in this field is education. ToContinue reading “How to Find the Right Real Estate Program for You”

The Impact of Technology on Real Estate

As mobile technology, automation, artificial intelligence, and big data revolutionizes almost every business and industry, real estate is also looking at big benefits and challenges. Here are a few ways that the age of post-big data technology is changing real estate. Social Media Presentation for Agents Just as many businesses and marketers can’t do withoutContinue reading “The Impact of Technology on Real Estate”

Funding Solutions for Affordable Housing

One recent trend across the US is increasingly unaffordable housing. Communities across the country are affected. Most famously, this issue is affecting communities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. However, it’s also a big issue in places like Georgia, Vermont and Ohio. Each community is addressing this issue in different ways. Savannah,Continue reading “Funding Solutions for Affordable Housing”

First Time Homebuyers

Buying a home for the first time is a big accomplishment. Those that are interested in becoming homeowners need to become familiar with a couple of things. First Time Homebuyers People that are buying homes are going to feel excited about moving into a new environment, but there can also be some nervousness about theContinue reading “First Time Homebuyers”

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