Handling Tenant & Owner Funds

One large task of a property manager is handling funds. This involves making informed decisions about all aspects of the property, which goes past physical assets. Property managers are in charge of things like rental income, security deposits, reserve funds, and writing checks on the owner’s behalf. Payment Schedule The property manager is in chargeContinue reading “Handling Tenant & Owner Funds”

Covering Your Property Insurance

High rise buildings provide a lifestyle that many seek because of the benefits. These benefits include a safe place to live, pools, great views, and an elite lifestyle. Just like the many reasons that people love to live in high rises, there are many requirements to insuring a high rise property as well. Know YourContinue reading “Covering Your Property Insurance”

The Basics of Property Management

Many real estate investors are looking for professional management companies to help them with the day to day operation of their properties. This is because there are time-consuming processes that are included in the management of rental companies and property owners may not have the time to deal with them. Here are a few thingsContinue reading “The Basics of Property Management”

What to Consider as a Home-Based Worker When Renting

The pandemic has shut the doors of corporate buildings; people are working from home. This trend will continue either out of choice or as a necessity. Annually, 10% of people move from one house to another in the US. Most of these young people shift either for business or personal reasons. Formal workplaces are notContinue reading “What to Consider as a Home-Based Worker When Renting”

Why Slashing Property Prices in California is the Solution for Making More Sales

Asking price for most home sellers is reducing at an alarming rate. Many sellers have to reduce their prices to ensure they remain in the market and the property off their hands. When companies are laying off workers and filing for bankruptcy, it is a no-brainer why the prices are plummeting. San Francisco, California, hasContinue reading “Why Slashing Property Prices in California is the Solution for Making More Sales”

What is the Future of Corporate Building Investment

The year 2020 has recorded a decline in the value of the real estate industry for the first time in two decades. This drop is due to the shift towards remote working by various companies in the USA. These efforts towards curbing the spread of the Coronavirus, are predicted, to last for the whole year.Continue reading “What is the Future of Corporate Building Investment”

3 Musts for Property Buying

Home buying is the right decision when the expense and responsibility of ownership seem worth the effort to have a place to call home. People can feel ready as soon as they have a reliable job and money set aside for a down payment. However, there are other things that every first-time homebuyer must doContinue reading “3 Musts for Property Buying”

Luxury Real Estate Changes Caused by COVID-19

The luxury homes of the future may look much different than they do today. The change in the needs and desires of the consumer has altered greatly since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Today, people want luxury, but they also demand safety. More Remote Locations The ultimate luxury location was once in the most active sectionsContinue reading “Luxury Real Estate Changes Caused by COVID-19”

Smart Building Strategies

Smart building is a long-term approach to recognize the relationship between the environment and its inhabitants. Smart buildings help owners understand what their tenants need. User experience is essential when designing smart buildings. Several strategies need to be incorporated to achieve this goal. Pillars of a Smart Building Strategy The smart building strategy should aimContinue reading “Smart Building Strategies”

New Affordable Housing Rules

The world of affordable housing can be a complex one. There are many rules and regulations that one must be familiar with when working in the world of affordable housing. Although, some people are advocating for a drastic change in these rules. The proposed change would switch from a voluntary to a mandatory approach toContinue reading “New Affordable Housing Rules”

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