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Investing in Real Estate without Home Buying

In the past, buying property was the only way to invest in real estate, but evolving technology has opened new methods that don’t require financing a property purchase. Today, there are many different ways to take advantage of lucrative real estate investing opportunities. Here are a few ways you can get started.

Buy Real Estate Stocks

There are many companies that work in the real estate field in one way or another, allowing you to invest in real estate with individual stock purchases. From construction companies to mortgage lenders, you can choose stocks that deal specifically with real estate. While this won’t allow you to diversify your portfolio, real estate is generally a continuously growing industry, and investing primarily in stocks related to this field may help you grow your wealth.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Also known as REITs, these companies oversee the operation of multiple commercial properties, including shopping centers, office buildings, and manufacturing warehouses. You can buy shares in a REIT just as you would buy shares in any stock. Once invested, you’ll benefit from the gains each property generates. Many REITs focus on a specific field, such as investing in medical buildings or cellular phone towers, so you can diversify your portfolio with several different types of REITs.

Real Estate Mutual Funds

A mutual fund differs from an REIT in that it holds multiple investment types, including REITs, real estate stocks, and direct property investments. This helps provide each investor with a diverse range of investments, while allowing them to get started without a large amount of capital. For this reason, beginning investors find a real estate mutual fund to be the most beneficial.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Another opportunity that provides easier access to real estate for beginners is crowdfunding. There are multiple platforms available online, although Fundrise and RealtyShares are among the most popular. Investors can get started with as little as $5,000 by researching and investing in individual projects. Since multiple investors can join each project, crowdfunding helps developers get the funding for their projects. In return, investors earn profits based on the size of their investment.

You can learn more about these opportunities by doing your own research or by consulting your financial advisor. Each option listed here provides you with an opportunity for growing your wealth without having to go through the process of buying property yourself. As this takes much of the work out of real estate investing, these options make it easier for anyone to get started quickly.


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